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Dutch-Belgian Line Infantry and Nassauers

More Dutch-Belgian Line Infantry and Nassauers for ongoing Waterloo/Quatre Bras project, all figures are Perry miniatures.

British personalities and Royal Artillery

Wellington, Picton, Uxbridge and a battery of Royal Artillery for the ongoing Waterloo/Quatre Bras project, all Perry Miniatures.

Dutch Belgian Militia

Dutch Belgian Militia for either Quatre Bras/Waterloo.

ECW – Newcastle’s Regiment (part)

Part of a large commission I have been doing for another friend (see the items that were for sale). These are the 2nd part of ...


Napoleonic Nassauers for either Quatre Bras/Waterloo, part of a small commission I am doing for a friend. They are going to do their own basing/standards.

Chain of Command Italians

Italian rifle platoon and supports for Chain of Command WWII Western Desert campaign. 2 x rifle groups, 10 riflemen with 2 Junior Leaders. 2 x Breda M.30 ...

English Civil War unit 7

SOLD - 6 Perry miniatures ECW cavalry.

English Civil War unit 6

SOLD - 24 figures, Warlord plastic, Perry miniatures and Redoubt.

SAGA 1pt of Norman Spearmen (Warriors)

8 x Gripping Beast Norman Spearmen.

English Civil War unit 5

SOLD - 6 x Perry's cavalry.