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French & Indian Wars – British Regulars

44th regiment figures from Warlord Games.

French & Indian Wars – French Regulars

Regiment La Sarre These are Conquest Games figures from Warlord, they fit in quite nicely with my other figures from Galloping Major and Redoubt. They are ...

French & Indian Wars – Provincials

The new Galloping Major Provincial figures. Painted as the Pennsylvania Regiment (Green) and the New Jersey Regiment (Blue). These figures are really nice, excellent sculpts, ...

French & Indian Wars – British

Redoubt British Light Infantry, these are painted to represent the 55th Regiment, present at the failed attempt to relieve Fort Ticonderoga and at the capture ...

French & Indian Wars – Coureurs

These are Conquest Miniatures French Marines painted as Coureurs des Bois. Really nice figures given to me by a friend. Not quite as 'well fed' ...

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French & Indian Wars – Militia

More Galloping Major figures, lots of really nicely animated poses.

French & Indian Wars – Hurons

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