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BtGoA Freeborn reinforcements

Skark squad, Sky Raider squad, Mhagris Feral squad and a X-Launcher support team.

Freeborn Mag Cannon

Beyond the Gates of Antares, Freeborn Mag Cannon.

Freeborn Nu Hu’s

Beyond the Gates of Antares, Freeborn Nu Hu's.

Freeborn Skyraider squad

Beyond the Gates of Antares, Freeborn Skyraider squad.

Gordon Highlanders

Gordon Highlanders for the ongoing Quatre-Bras/Waterloo project I am working on for a client.

Freeborn Vardanari squads

Freeborn Vardanari squads for Beyond the Gates of Antares.

Victrix Numidian infantry

More Victrix Numidian infantry for the ongoing Carthaginian army.

Numidian Cavalry

More Victrix Numidian cavalry

Dutch-Belgians, Dutch Red Lancers and Nassauers

Dutch-Belgian regulars and militia, Dutch Red Lancers and Nassau's. All for a friends Quatre Bras Project.

Numidian Cavalry

Victrix Numidian cavalry