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Gadzooks it’s the Apocalypse

Gadzooks it’s the Apocalypse are a set of ‘Renaissance skirmish rules at the end of time’. I am hoping to turn this into another self-publishing project similar to Setting the Scene, with the rules author Steve Danes who is another wargaming friend of mine. A dedicated website and Facebook group will be set up in due course.
Gadzooks it's the Apocalypse.
Gadzooks it’s the Apocalypse is a fantasy battle game set in the first half of the seventeenth century. This was a period of widespread warfare, religious strife and general unrest. It was a time when very bad things were happening and when people had very definite ideas about what was going wrong with the world. Many saw this time of war and disorder as being the early signs of the coming Apocalypse and the end of time. So it is in this time of catastrophe, prejudice and fear that the players will be entering – what a great setting for a game!

The action takes place early in seventeenth century Europe where the majority are struggling to hang onto their medieval beliefs in a world where science, reason and enlightened thought are beginning to take hold. Will humanity be able to struggle forward into an age of reason or will it fall back into blood and hatred and carnage?

Gadzooks it's the Apocalypse spreads.
Gadzooks it's the Apocalypse spreads.

Each player will control one character figure and a bunch of dubious looking henchmen. The character will have a detailed profile, a number of skills and qualities that can be improved upon if scenarios are survived and experience is gained. Henchmen are cheap and expendable and there are always plenty more to hire. If the character gains renown, better quality henchmen can be hired. Each character will have a specific profession or class that will determine the type of skills and powers that they can acquire and improve upon in time.

But players should beware, evil forces are at work at every turn. Characters that indulge in wicked and cruel acts will begin to attract the attention of sinister powers, maybe this new hero will become a champion of evil? Perhaps they will lose all shred of humanity and take on a demonic or corrupted form. Players will have to remember that the battle at the end of time approaches and sides will need to be chosen.

Gadzooks is a skirmish/roleplaying game comprising two opposing sides of one or more players each. If there is more than one player per side all players will strive to gain victory for their side – but some players will strive more than others. Just because there is more than one character on the same side does not mean that each character will work in perfect harmony. Even on the same side, different characters might have different objectives and motivations. It doesn’t even matter if players have characters that seem highly antagonistic to each other, some might be overtly evil and others undeniably good – but they can still join forces to defeat their enemy and claim their rewards.

Game Concept
Steve’s interest in this period not only extends into its military history but also the religious, scientific, cultural and social history of the seventeenth century. Although Gadzooks is clearly a fantasy game with the emphasis on fun and entertainment, Steve has tried to create a game that delivers an accurate representation of warfare of the period but which also gives a glimpse of some of the religious beliefs held at the time, especially regarding the apocalyptic significance of such events as the Thirty Years War and English Civil Wars. Belief in witchcraft, demons and other powerful supernatural forces seemed to have been an everyday part of many people’s lives – especially those people caught up in terrifying conflicts or suffering from the effects of harsh and poorly understood natural phenomena such as famine and plague. So this game brings these forces ‘to life’ – demons and undead creatures roam the battlefield, devilish magic can be conjured by those evil enough to wield it and saints in gleaming armour can hack their way through hordes of foul demonic foes.

If you would like to register your interest, please leave a comment below.





  1. Thom Osborn says:

    I would be interested in these rules. I was thinking about doing something similar but using “Donnybrook” rules.

  2. Looks interesting, love to hear more!

  3. Simon says:

    Excellent idea – I would be intrigued!

  4. Paul Beck says:

    Sounds great! Count me in.
    I was wondering, how is this differnet then the
    Pike, Shotte and Zombie rules?

  5. Gary Keep says:

    Hi This look interesting especially for the witchfinder ames in England, and the associtated evil alignments. When are they being published Very interested

    Gary Keep

  6. George says:

    How is this different from Witchfinder General?

  7. Steve Lampon says:

    Hello, thanks for commenting on the GitA! rules. The rules are being proofread/edited at the moment and should be complete in a month or so.

    Whilst that is happening I will be trying to raise awareness on social media and various wargames forums.

    Printing will be dependant on how successful I am at raising that awareness. 100 buyers is the minimum and would just about cover costs. 200-300 would be better and is what I am aiming for.

    Price is obviously dependant on numbers, at the moment the minimum cost will be £18.00 – if we manage to get the 200-300 buyers, if we only get 100 then the cost will be nearer £20.00.

    Sorry, I have no knowledge of DonnyBrook, Pike, Shotte & Zombie or Witchfinder General rules so I cannot compare.

    Many thanks for the interest.


  8. Eliseo Vilalta-Perdomo says:

    I’m interested. Let me know next steps

  9. Jim Hale says:

    Sign me up for a copy, I’ll can finally put all those 17th Century socio-religious modules I endured at uni to use!

  10. White Knight says:

    I’m definitely interested, I already collected all the models for such a game.

  11. Stephen Danes says:

    Hi Guys, I haven’t played Donnybrook or Witchfinder General but I did write Pike & Shot & Zombies so I can explain the difference there. P&S&Zs is basically a zombie survival game set in the 17th century where one or more players takes the role of a survivor or survivors and the other player is the umpire who creates the scenario and controls all of the scary stuff. GITA is a skirmish game between two sides with one, two, three, four (etc) players per side and it does not require an umpire. Obviously the setting is very similar but GITA has many more nasties in it and a wide range of characters that can either stick to the path of Good or go down the Evil route, which many seem to do! There is more of a skirmish game feel to GITA as oppose to the survival style game that is P&S&Z and there is more of a roleplaying/campaign feel to GITA. Players can create scenarios for GITA but don’t really have to because the random events (mostly random apocalyptic events) generation system quickly creates a story and objective in most games.

  12. Finn says:

    Hey there – this looks great – put me down for a copy please!

  13. Renooij says:

    Interested. I will buy a copy

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