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Gadzooks it’s the Apocalypse

Gadzooks it’s the Apocalypse are a set of ‘Renaissance skirmish rules at the end of time’. I am hoping to turn this into another self-publishing project similar to Setting the Scene, with the rules author Steve Danes who is another wargaming friend of mine. A dedicated website and Facebook group will be set up in due course.
Gadzooks it's the Apocalypse.
Gadzooks it’s the Apocalypse is a fantasy battle game set in the first half of the seventeenth century. This was a period of widespread warfare, religious strife and general unrest. It was a time when very bad things were happening and when people had very definite ideas about what was going wrong with the world. Many saw this time of war and disorder as being the early signs of the coming Apocalypse and the end of time. So it is in this time of catastrophe, prejudice and fear that the players will be entering – what a great setting for a game!

The action takes place early in seventeenth century Europe where the majority are struggling to hang onto their medieval beliefs in a world where science, reason and enlightened thought are beginning to take hold. Will humanity be able to struggle forward into an age of reason or will it fall back into blood and hatred and carnage?

Gadzooks it's the Apocalypse spreads.
Gadzooks it's the Apocalypse spreads.