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Setting the Scene Vol II

Update 21 March 2020 Thank you to all who have supported the Setting the Scene books. With everyone starting to self-isolate perhaps now would be a good time to start some terrain building! I am very quickly getting to the point where Volume 2 will also be sold-out, so from now until the end of March, Pat and I are offering Volume 2 at a 10% discount. £18.00 plus P&P. If you would like a copy, please either leave a comment or email Pat via his blog, or leave a comment or email me via my webpage. Many thanks and stay safe. Steve.

Update 27th December. Volume 1 is now SOLD OUT.

Update 2nd November. The books have been delivered and will go in the post this week, thanks to everyone who has supported the books.

Update 22nd October. Setting the Scene volumes 1 & 2 have gone to press and all PayPal invoices have been sent out. If you were expecting an invoice but haven’t received one then please email me ASAP. Printing will take about two weeks.

Email: stevelampon@yahoo.co.uk

Update 18th October. Setting the Scene – Creating a wargames layout for the Mediterranean will go to press on Monday along with the reprint of Volume 1 – Winter wargaming.

Paypal invoices will start going out over the weekend.

If you are expecting an invoice but haven’t received one by Wednesday then please email me, if you would like a copy of either or both volumes then please email me or leave a comment below. I need to know your location please.

Many thanks to all of those who have supported the books.

Email: stevelampon@yahoo.co.uk

Update 11th October. The printed and bound ‘wet’ proof has been delivered. Pat and I need to check it through then order the digital preview copies which will go out for reviews. Main print run should be in about two weeks.

Update 8th October. Setting the Scene Volume II – Creating a Wargames Layout for the Mediterranean – editing has been completed and the book will now go for ‘wet’ proofing. Paypal invoices will start to go out at the time I send it out to print, which will be in about two weeks time. If you would like a copy of Volume I or II, please leave a comment below. Please DO NOT comment if you have already done so as you will already be on my list. Thanks, Steve.

Update 17th September. Setting the Scene Volume II – Creating a Wargames Layout for the Mediterranean – is now ready to order.

The book is being edited and the aim is to go to press in about a month. Printing will take 2 weeks, therefore copies should be posted by the end of October/early November. Payment will be by PayPal invoice; invoices will NOT go out until we are ready to go to press. If you would like to order a copy please leave a comment below. It is important that you let me know your LOCATION!

If you have already commented, please DO NOT comment again as you will already have been added to the list of recipients.

For those of you who missed out, we will also be doing a short print run of Volume I – Winter Wargaming at the same time as Volume II.

Volume II is 150 pages (50% bigger than volume I, so printing and postage will naturally increase).

The price for Volume II – Creating a Wargames Layout for the Mediterranean is £20.00

Postage and packing:
UK 1st/2nd class is £4.00/£3.50
Europe £7.00
World Zone 1 £9.50 (North & South America, Africa, Asia).
World Zone 2 £10.00 (Australia, New Zealand, Singapore).
This is for 1 copy.
Tracked/signed for postage is available on request.

Update 4th September 2019. Design and layout of the book is now done, needs to be checked by Pat and then professionally edited. The aim is to go to press sometime in October.

Update 8th August 2019. Design and layout for the main part of the book is almost finished. There is a special section from a ‘guest’ who is providing a chapter on WWII Italians. Then the book has to go out for editing.

Setting the Scene Volume IISetting the Scene Volume II

Example spread
Setting the Scene Volume II

Whether you are a grizzled veteran or a raw recruit to our hobby, this book will hopefully be useful to you, and guide you through making and painting the terrain and figures suitable for gaming in the Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean is a vast area which covers portions of Europe, Asia and Africa. Our main focus will be on Southern Europe, namely Sicily, Italy and Spain, although the main terrain features in this book would be suitable for many of the other territories bordering those three countries.

The Mediterranean Region is surprisingly hilly and mountains can be seen from almost anywhere. Moving inland from the sandy beaches and rocky shores, the landscape can vary from scrubland and semi-arid steppes to the more cultivated areas of olive groves, orchards, vineyards and cypress trees.

We visualise blue skies over a sun-kissed landscape but this is not always the case, so we need to consider the climate and time of year that we want to represent, as a Mediterranean winter could give you quite a different look to your tabletop layout.

One of the many historical engagements that occurred during a Mediterranean winter was Sir John Moore’s retreat from Corunna in December 1908 during the Napoleonic Peninsular Wars. The dismal conditions of snow, mud and freezing rain that they had to endure would have looked nothing like what we are trying to portray here and would probably be more suited to my previous book, ‘Setting The Scene’ Winter Wargaming.

The time frame in history that you wish to portray will also have an impact on how your table looks but the main terrain features for your Mediterranean layout will be the same and it will be the smaller items that will give your layout the period feel that you are after.

Cultivation and buildings to a certain degree will be pretty timeless. Terracotta tiles so typical of the region, were used on the roofs of buildings as far back as Ancient Greece, all the way through to the present day.

The two main themes I have chosen are Napoleonic Peninsular and WW2 Sicily/Italy, and so the smaller terrain items covered within this book will be specific for each of those periods.

 By placing telegraph poles, street lamps, road signs, advertising posters etc in amongst your terrain, the same layout will have a completely different feel than to a setting a hundred and fifty years earlier. Changing over that wooden blockhouse for a concrete pillbox, barrels for oil drums, log defences for sandbags and that horse drawn limber for a motorised Self Propelled Gun will transform the same table from Napoleonic to a World War Two battlefield.

If you fancy doing Spanish Civil War, Ancient Greek or Rome or some other period in history that was fought on Mediterranean soil, then this will be easy enough for you to change by adding a few items such as a temple, a few ruined pillars, the appropriate transport for that particular time frame, carts, civilians and Roman Legionaries or whatever the appropriate figures are for your chosen Mediterranean period.

The aim of this book is to guide you through each stage of making and painting what you see contained within these pages.

There is a written and pictorial step-by-step guide (the same format as with my previous book) which covers preparing and converting, as well as painting figures, vehicles, buildings and terrain for the Mediterranean, using both commercial and scratch built items.

There is also a reference chart with a guide for all the colours used to paint the different Napoleonic and WW2 figures within this book.

To add some high quality painting to the book, we have the talented master of brushes, Nick of Moiterei’s Bunt Welt blogspot fame with his very own slot as Guest Painter.

Nick will be doing a couple of tutorials on how he paints WW2 Tanks and Italian Infantry, plus he will be ‘Talking Italian’ Regio Esercito Italiano with a very informative article on the Royal Army of Italy. Pictures of the beautiful painted Italian infantry that you see within the pages of this book, along with the superbly painted and weathered M13/40 and Marder II vehicles have been painted by Nick.

Hopefully you will be able to take something from this book and create your own layout for ‘Setting The Scene’ in the Mediterranean.

Pat Smith.


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    I would like to reserve a copy of Volume 2. I love my Volume 1.

  221. Robert Jack says:

    Sign me up for a copy of Vol 2

  222. Dean Reynolds says:

    I’d like a copy of Volume 2 please!

  223. Fabian M-H says:

    I’d like to have both books.
    Delivery to Germany.


  224. James White says:

    Fremont, CA, 94536, USA

  225. Ron Kruzie says:

    I would like a copy of volume 2. I live in Port Angeles, WA. USA

  226. Neil McGurk says:

    Please count me in for a copy of Volume 2. I’m in the UK. Thanks.

  227. Ian butcher says:

    One copy vol two please I’m in kent UK.

  228. Stanislav Beran says:

    Vol. 2, Czech Republic

  229. Hi, I’m from Rome, Italy and I’m interested in Vol 2.
    Ciao. 🙂

  230. Andy Hart says:

    Volume 2 for me….

  231. Leif Plith Lauritsen says:

    Uhhh would Like volume 2… is there a volume 1?

  232. Edward haines says:

    1 & 2 please. UK

  233. James Martin says:

    Located UK. Vol 1 & 2 please.

  234. Andrew Chisholm says:

    I would be interested in both books! In Pennsylvania, USA.

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    I’d like a copy of Volume 2 please. Location, London.

  236. Malcolm Allen says:

    I would like to order vol 2 please,I live in County Durham

  237. Mark says:

    One copy of Volume 2, please.
    Brisbane, Australia.

  238. MArk says:

    One copy of Vol. 2 to Prague, Czech Republic please

  239. Andrew Telford says:

    One copy of vol. 2 poster to the UK please.

  240. David Munson says:

    I have Volume 1. I will buy a copy of Vol 2 when published. I am in Wales

  241. Peter Fryer says:

    Hi – please put me down for a copy of vol II & vol I – incl postage to Baldivis, Western Australia

  242. John Tomlinson says:

    I’ll take both volumes. I’m in the United States.

  243. christophere hill says:

    I would like to get Copies of Vol I and Volume II please!!! Texas USA!

  244. John Lowen says:

    I would like a copy of volume I and II pleas
    I live in the UK

  245. Daniel Watkins says:

    Hello, please sign me up for 2 copies of each volume. Shipping to CALIFORNIA in the US.
    Thank you

  246. Paul Cordell says:

    I’ll have one volume 2 please!
    Aberdeen, UK

  247. I am very interested.
    Loganville, GA USA

  248. Stuart MacPherson says:

    Grateful if you could add me to the queue for both volumes 1 and 2.
    Canberra, Australia.

  249. Rex M says:

    Hello Pat,

    I would like a copy of Volume 2, shipped to United States

  250. Doug Chamberlain says:

    Have already commented on Vol 2, but would like to confirm I’d order the Vol 1 plus Vol 2 deal please.
    Location: Shropshire UK

  251. Finn Newick says:

    Hi there – I’m interested in a copy, I’m in Kenley, UK.

  252. Rob Hughes says:

    Hello, Could I please have a copy of volume 2. My location is Dundee, Scotland, UK.

  253. Julian Hill says:

    Can I please have a copy of the new book volume 2 when it is released.
    Many thanks Julian Nottingham

  254. Gordon Waddell says:

    Please can you sign me up for a copy of Volume 2. Many thanks.

  255. Roberto Martinez says:

    Interested in Volume II. Best regards from Madrid (Spain)

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    Please can you sign me up for a copy of volume 2? (Loved volume 1!) Many thanks



  257. Steven Marthinsen says:


    I am in California in the USA. I would like to order the bundle of Vol 1 and Vol 2.


  258. Patrick Patterson says:

    I would like to order the two volume bundle. Both of these look like great books!

    I am in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

  259. Marc says:

    Definitely interested please – I already have the winter volume, and have been looking forward to sunnier climes

  260. David Jackson says:

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    Kind regards


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  264. Mike Lewis says:


    I am interested in both volumes – I am in the UK



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  266. Matthew Coles says:


    I would like a copy of vol 2


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    Yes, I would be very interested in volume 2. Please reserve me a copy. just let me know when it is available or when you would need the payment for this.

  276. Michal Pokorný says:

    Hi Steve , I would like to ask for the dispatch of Part 1 and 2. I am from the Czech Republic

  277. Charles Nelson says:

    I would like a copy of Vol 2. I am in the USA. Thanks.

  278. Graham Minshaw says:

    I’d like a copy of vol 2 please. UK.

  279. James Firth-Haydon says:

    Hi Steven, I would love a copy of book 2. I’m from Lewes, East Sussex. Uk

  280. Stephen Philp says:

    I have Vol I. It is most excellent so I’d like Vol II as well. I’m in Scotland.

  281. Jason Hutchins says:

    I would like a copy of both volumes please. I,m in Australia

  282. Hi Steve!
    Based in Greece, i would like a copy of volume 2.

  283. Chris Rance says:

    Would love a copy of volume 2. The first one is great.

  284. Jeff Panyi says:

    Please put me on the list to purchase a copy of volume II. Have the other volume…fantastic book !!!

  285. Peter Gottschlich says:

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  286. Andrew Humphreys says:

    I’d 100% want to buy the second volume as I really enjoyed your first book , my post code is cf62 5ad, thanks

  287. Gordon Waddell says:

    The first volume was excellent. Sign me up for the second.

  288. Absolutely need the sequel to the riveting page turner that the first book was. I live in Sweden.

  289. Wendy Smith says:

    I would like to order both books please, to Aldershot, UK.

  290. Ole-Wilhelm says:

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  291. moscatelli domenico says:

    Count me in
    i’m in italian Como lake

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  293. Simon Teppett says:

    Vol2 please

  294. Gavin Costello says:

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  295. Martin Dodds says:

    (Thought I had done this, but no) Vol 2 for me please. Belfast, N Ireland.

  296. James C says:

    Vol2 please, England

  297. Peter says:

    Yes please! England 🙂

  298. Lardiere says:

    One please.
    I leave un France

  299. Tom Ballou says:

    Vol 2 Please! I loved vol 1 (I have told people its pornography for wargamers!)

    United States

  300. David Pike says:

    Volume 2 please, I’m in the UK

  301. Alistair Osborne says:

    Yes please vol 2 – Bracknell Berkshire UK

  302. Ian Gray says:

    Interested. Reading, UK

  303. Tim Bangerter says:

    I am interested in vol 1 & 2
    Shipping to Canada
    Thank you!

  304. MJ Carrick says:

    Very keen to get hols 1 and 2. Happy to share postage with Gus Walker!

  305. Sean says:

    Just wondered if it was still possible to order a book.
    Looks like good fun

  306. James says:

    i’m interested to

  307. Scott says:

    Colorado, USA. I’d like to get a copy of both volumes.

  308. Will says:

    I think I may have liked this, but pretty sure I never got around to commenting. I would also be interested in Volume 2, if it isn’t too late yet.

  309. Richard brooks says:

    I am in the USA and would like both volumes one and two.

  310. Charles Rivers says:

    In Australia and interested in v2

  311. Ron Carnegie says:

    I would like to order volumes 1 and 2 I am in the Us. Thanks.

  312. JOHN N HOLLY says:

    Definitely interested in volume 2. Looks very interesting and informative. Please send Paypal invoice.


  313. Bill Reed says:

    Interested in a copy of Vol.2 if still available to be sent to the United States.

  314. David Farrell says:

    Volume 2. ADD ME PLEASE.

  315. George Smith says:

    Hi could I get volume 2 please. I’m in manchester, england

  316. Rob McCue says:

    Hi Steve,

    I am interested in both Vol 1 & 2. I am in Canada.



  317. Andrew Frantz says:

    Would love a copy sent to the States if you still have some!

  318. MSG DB McNerney says:

    I would like a copy of both.

    MSG DB McNerney
    1116 2nd Crown Point Road
    Strafford, NH 03884

    Send me a paypal invoice.


  319. V.-P. Paukku says:

    I would like to have Vol. 1 and 2 (sent to Luxembourg), if still available. Many thanks!

  320. David Weston says:

    Hi – these look great. Heard the rave reviews on the Lardy podcast. Could I have both vols please? UK post. Cheers


    Hi. I heard Rich mention your books on the Oddcast and I would like to buy a copy of volume 2.
    Hope its not too late. Please let me know what the next steps are. I have PayPal if needed.
    Thanks, Stephen

  322. Iain White says:

    Thought I’d ordered vol 2, apparently not! Could I have a copy of vol 2 in the UK
    Best Iain

  323. Arved Aasmaa says:

    Hiya, any volume 2 still available? Location UK

  324. R Wythes says:

    Hello, is there any copies of either available? West Midlands, UK location

  325. J Sinclair says:

    Hi, I’d like a copy of Setting the Scene Vol II. Location – Buckinghamshire, UK.

  326. Peter Ellis says:

    Is it possible to get a copy of Vol 2 please. I’m based near Southampton, England.


    hi can i order volume 2

  328. Gareth Phillips says:

    I would like a copy of volume 2 please. I already have the excellent volume one.



  329. Grant hazlehurst says:

    I would very much like to purchase a copy of both volumes. I am in the uk. Let me know if that is going to be possible.

  330. Robert Morton says:

    I hope it’s not too late to order volume 2. The models and scenery are tremendously evocative and inspiring.
    Location North Vancouver, Canada

  331. Andrew Markham says:

    If possible I would like to buy a copy of Setting the Scene Volume 2 if still available. Can you send me details, I live in Norfolk, U.K.

  332. Nathan DeAubrey says:

    I’m interested in both volumes, I’m in the US.

  333. Kevin Major says:

    Hi Can I get a copy of Volume 2. I am in Ireland

  334. Jeffrey Lower says:

    I would like two (2) copies of Setting the Scene Volume 2. I live in La Mesa, California USA. Thank you!!!

  335. Edwin Leland says:

    I would like copies of both volume 1 and volume 2 if they are still available. I live in Richmond, Virginia, USA. Thanks!!

  336. Ian crew says:

    Hey pal I would love to get a copy of your Mediterranean terrain book if that’s possible

    Thanks very much Ian

  337. Shaun Daly says:

    Hi, I am interested in both books if possible, definitely Vol 2. I am from Shropshire, UK.

  338. Thomas Nielsen says:

    Hello! I am interested in both volumes. And I live in Denmark. Thank you 🙂

  339. Stephen Goss says:


    I’d like to get a copy of volume 2 if it’s still available, I am in Surrey UK…


  340. Michael Rollins says:

    I would like a copy of volume 2, in the USA

  341. Jon Earp says:

    Hi there,

    Really Interested in getting my hands of a copy of Volume 1 & 2. Based in Shropshire UK

  342. Steve Lorimer says:

    Hello there
    I would like to Buy a copy of Volume 2 if still available please. I am based in London, UK

    Many thanks


  343. Nic says:

    Hi Steve,

    Interested in getting my hands on both volumes, if possible. Based in the US.

  344. Hi Steve

    I would like to Buy copies of both books if that possible. I am from Saint Petersburg, Russia



  345. Brett Baumer says:

    Good afternoon. I would like to purchase a copy of both volumes 1 and 2.

  346. Sam Hughes says:

    Hi Steve,

    I am very interested in purchasing volumes 1 & 2, if possible. I am based in Essex, UK.

    Many thanks,


  347. Robert Coleman says:

    I am interested in volume 2 if it is still available. I am in the US

  348. Nigel Groves says:

    I am interested in volume 2. Based in UK.

  349. Joe McGrath says:

    I’m in for Vol II @ 10% off – Philadelphia, USA. Cheers & be well!

  350. Stefan Kraut says:

    I am interested in volume 2. Based in Germany.

  351. Yes please to Vol. 2 – Derby, UK

  352. Doshu Tokeshi says:

    Hello, if volume 2 is still available I would like a copy. I’m in the USA

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