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The Road to Dombas

Recently, an article in issue 100 of the Wargames Soldiers & Strategy magazine caught Pat’s eye and he thought the terrain required would be quite achievable and fun to do. We discussed the project and decided that it could be produced as a supplement to Setting the Scene Volume I, Winter Wargaming. Whether it is a printed item or a pdf depends on the level of interest/support. If it is something you might be interested in whether it be a book or a pdf please leave a comment below.

The Road to Dombas 1940, is an article written by David Hunter using the Too Fat Lardies Chain of Command WW2 rule set. David has written a seven game campaign based on German parachute troops landing near a key road and railway junction in Norway in April 1940. I thought it should also be possible to invite someone who plays Bolt Action to translate the scenarios and make them suitable for that set of rules as well – will have to check with Warlord 🙂

The article ticks a lot of boxes and Pat thought it would be quite doable with what would be needed to run the campaign.

First of all, a new flexible snow mat would be required (having sold his last one), but Pat wanted to make this a little different to his last winter mat, with roads and river built into the mat, along with plenty of rocky ground showing through where the snow has started to melt.

Some winter woods and plenty of barbed wire fencing. A reinforced Norwegian Infantry platoon and supports and a couple of reduced strength Fallschirmjager platoons.

WIP of these have been shown on Pat’s blog, and in each additional post he will show the following items needed for the campaign. Buildings, stone bridge, a couple of civilian vehicles, road block and slit trenches. I will post a selection of those pics here as well.

Once everything is complete, further posts will follow with a battle reports of each campaign game, unless of course the Germans lose a game, in which case it is campaign over.


  1. Edwin Leland says:

    I’d be interested in seeing this!

  2. Richard Lockwood says:

    I would be interested in a “supplement” to Book 1 were it to be published

  3. Gregory Symko says:

    I’m interested in a supplement to book one

    Greg Symko

  4. David Hunter says:

    Definitely interested in this

  5. Joe Bilton says:

    Definitely interested in a Dombas 1940 supplement. Thanks!

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