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Update, 1st May 2018. We have interest from 40-50 people for a 3rd printing of the book. We need to get to 150 to make the print run worthwhile. If you would like a copy please email Pat on kerstinsmith1234@gmail.com to register your interest, we will not ask for payment until the print run is ordered. Many thanks to all of those who have supported the book. Steve.

Update, 9th February 2018. 2nd printing of Setting the Scene has been delivered and the books will go in the post today/tomorrow. We have sold about 75% of them so we have about 30-40 copies left. If you have been undecided about getting a copy now is the time, as I doubt that there is enough interest to warrant a 3rd printing. If you would like a copy please email Pat on kerstinsmith1234@gmail.com and he will send you a Paypal invoice. Many thanks to everybody who have supported the book, particularly those who waited patiently whilst we dealt with the problems associated with the first printer. Steve.

Update, 26th January 2018. Setting the Scene has been sent for reprinting. The copies should be delivered in about 10 days time. If you would like to order a copy please email Pat on kerstinsmith1234@gmail.com.

Update, 16th January 2018. Setting the Scene – SOLD OUT – Many thanks to everyone who supported the book, we sold the last copy yesterday. There are still a few orders trickling in, so Pat and I have to make a decision about reprinting. We have decided to see how much enthusiasm there is for a reprint by taking pre-orders again. If you have seen my previous posts and were undecided now is the time. Please email Pat on kerstinsmith1234@gmail.com to register your interest. For now we are just collecting names to see if the reprint is viable, we will let this run for a week or so. I am also going to investigate the possibility of producing a Kindle version through Amazon, we have however ruled out producing a pdf.

Update, 15th January 2018. Interest in the book has been very good and we are very nearly sold out. Pat and I will now have to decide whether there is enough continuing interest to warrant a reprint.

Update, 12th January 2018. The Setting the Scene terrain book has been printed and all of the pre-ordered copies have been put in the post. Many thanks to everyone who supported the book.

Here is an update. The Setting the Scene terrain book is finished and has been sent for proofing. Pat and I are now asking for those people who have previously shown interest to definitely commit to buying the book.

The price for the book is £17.50
UK postage 1st/2nd class is £1.74/£1.58
Europe £5.15
World Zone 1 £7.45 (North & South America, Africa, Asia).
World Zone 2 £7.90 (Australia, New Zealand, Singapore).

We are not asking for money yet, please just go to the special page that Pat has set up on his blog and state how many copies you want. We can then get a better idea of what the final print run will be, we will obviously print some ‘overs’ but we cannot afford to print too many. Here is the link.


We will be asking for payment when we send the book for the actual print run which will be in about 10-14 days time.

Here is an update. Thanks for all of the interest in Pat’s Terrain Book. The design/layout aspect of the book is now finished. Proofreading will be done this week and print proofing a week to 10 days after that. When we get proofs/dummies we can work out postage costs and final price of the book. In the next week or so I will post and give instructions of how you can sign up for a copy.
Nearly there!

I have decided to venture into the world of self-publishing. Pat Smith is a wargaming friend, he has a blog wargaming with silver whistle. Lots have people have shown interest in his ‘Setting the Scene’ winter terrain. Between us we have decided to self-publish the book. It will be A4 and around 120 pages with step by step guides to building his winter terrain.

Winter terrain
Winter terrain
Winter terrain


  1. Craig Stidham says:

    Very interested in this book.
    Let me know when published.

    Craig Stidham

    • Steve Lampon says:

      Hi Craig, the book is almost complete, just need to finalise a few things before we can get an idea of price and postage. I will post here and various FB groups. Pat will also post on his blog.

  2. Jerry says:

    I know there’s a few at my club that will buy this

  3. Kipp Ryon says:

    Yes, very interested as well.

  4. David Smith says:

    Will definitely look to buy a copy.

  5. Steve Lampon says:

    Guys, please see the latest update at the top of the page

  6. Tim Whitworth says:

    One copy of you book for me please. Thank you.

  7. Shane Coulter says:

    Just spotted this, would love a copy to UK please. Is this where you order?

  8. James says:

    Definitely one copy for me to build some terrain for 1940 Norway!

  9. Pieter says:

    Mailed alot with Steve for this project. I want a signed copy!

  10. Greg Simmonds says:

    Looks great, put me down for copy.

  11. Steve Lampon says:

    Hi guys, the book has gone for proofing which will take about 5-7 days. Final print run will take about 5-7 days as well.
    Nearly there

  12. I’ll have a copy – postage to the UK. Thanks Simon.

  13. William Napier says:

    Very interested, one copy uk

  14. Will McNally says:

    I’d like a copy please (also commented on the Silver whistle blog)

  15. THOMAS L says:

    I am very interested, I will order 1 copy (France)

  16. Steve Lampon says:

    Thanks guys, you have all been added to the list. Proof will be done in the next few days, Book should be printed in the next 8-10 days.

  17. David Schaffner says:

    Place my request for a copy on Pat’s website, but wanted to make sure I’ll get notice (since I see emails can be inputted here).

  18. Kevin Fisher says:


    I would like to buy a copy of the book but I can’t find how to pre order using Paypal. Pat’s blog states that the ‘Buy Now’ has been removed. We are preparing for an Ardennes campaign at the club in the new year and this book will be essential.

    Thanks, Kevin.

  19. Jim White says:

    I would love the book

  20. Phillip Broeders says:

    Would also love this book. Doing scenery for 6mm WW2 Eastern Front at the moment.

  21. J T Thune says:

    Please add me to the list.

  22. Dan Downes says:


    I’m UK based and will take one copy, if available.

    Please email me for full address and PayPal invoice address.



  23. Nelson Mixon says:

    Mark me down for a copy.

  24. Nelson Mixon says:

    Mark me down for a copy. I’m in the USA.

  25. Todd Shryock says:

    Hi – I would like to buy a copy.

  26. Bob Miller says:

    Definitely interested in a copy of the book as well…

  27. Steve Lampon says:

    Hi Bob, I have emailed you, regards, Steve.

  28. Marc says:

    If you have a copy I would be interested in ordering one please



  29. Benito Vera says:

    How can I get a copy please?

  30. Shane Coulter says:

    Just got my copy and have to say you have done a brilliant job with this book – inspirational photos and great tips on almost every page. Many thanks!

  31. Ken says:

    Please consider print-on-demand options. Amazon and other self-publishing sites may be able to help you determine what the best course of action might be. The advantage of doing so in this fashion is that you will not be stuck with a stack of books in your garage or basement.

  32. Sloth1963 says:


    If it becomes available again, count me in!

  33. Tom Ballou says:

    Used your book to make my Hürtgen Forest “Achtung” Chain of Command game, it was a great guide. I made a mat and winterized my 15mm terrain. I showed your book off at the HAVOC convention and I’m bring the game to Huzzah! next month. I describe your book as “Terrain Porn”!

    • Steve Lampon says:

      Hi Tom, really pleased to hear that, did you take any pictures? It would be nice to see your terrain, I will pass your comment on to Pat, many thanks, have fun, Steve.

  34. Jacco says:

    I would like a copy, destination the netherlands

  35. Noel M Roche says:

    Can you send one across the pond to the big apple.

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