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BtGoA Freeborn T7 Transporter Drone

Beyond the Gates of Antares Freeborn T7 Transporter Drone.

BtGoA Freeborn Solar Command Skimmer.

Freeborn Solar Command Skimmer for Beyond the Gates of Antares.

BtGoA Freeborn Mhagris Feral Squads

Bovan Tuk, Mhagris Mercenary Leader and Amano Harran, Freeborn Mercenary Captain. 3 x Freeborn Mhagris Feral Squads for Beyond the Gates of Antares.

1973 Israeli Armoured Battalion

5 x Magach 3's (upgunned M48's) and M51 Super Shermans. All 6mm (1/285) GHQ. Israeli armoured battalion and mechanised infantry battalion More Magach 3's, Makmat SP 120mm ...