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AK47 campaign

Bishop Sithembile Bahasa and his religious movement, the CRAPPERS (Christian Religious And Populist Peoples Economic Reactionary Society). Militia. T-55 and a Panhard armoured car with a 90mm ...

Yom Kippur (Rommel-RomKippur)

Operation Badr and the battle of the Chinese farm using the Rom Kippur adaption of the excellent Rommel rules by Sam Mustafa.

Battlegroup NorthAG

8 x Soviet motor rifle infantry, 4 x PKM machine gun weapons teams, 4 x SA-7 'Grail' AA missile weapons teams, 4 x AT-4 'Spigot' ...


Saves Cragheart, Inox Brute, Scoundrel and Vermling Mindthief


Two companies of the 35th Foot (Otways) for Sharp Practice Warlord Woodland Indians for Sharp Practice. The 1st Royal Regiment, 2nd Battalion, figures are Galloping Major 58th Foot ...

Necromunda House Delaque

Gangs of House Delaque - The Silent Ones

Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress

Harlequin Solitaire for the Kiss of Death scenario an Army of One. Plague Guard, not strictly speaking WHQ Blackstone Fortress but could substitute for the Chaos ...


Several years in the planning, 2,000 points of Early Byzantines, Justinian Dynasty 572-582 AD. Bucellarii, Comitatus light cavalry with bows, Comitatus heavy cavalry, Ghassanid Arab ...

Gangs of Rome Mobs and Rome

Roman work gang. More citizens of Rome. The Sons of Orcus Another mob, the Children of Epona and Marcus the Orator. More mobs and gangs Rome, not built in a ...

BtGoA Freeborn T7 Transporter Drone

Beyond the Gates of Antares Freeborn T7 Transporter Drone.