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Battlegroup NorthAG

8 x Soviet motor rifle infantry, 4 x PKM machine gun weapons teams, 4 x SA-7 ‘Grail’ AA missile weapons teams, 4 x AT-4 ‘Spigot’ ATGM weapons teams, 2 x command bases and 2 x recon/forward observer teams.
8 x Soviet BMP-1s, ZSU 23-4 ‘Shilka’, 2 x BRDM-2 AT-5 “Spandrel’ and a BMP M-1976/2 recon/command vehicle.
10 x Soviet T64B MBTs. All 10mm TimeCast.
3 x Chieftain Mk 5/9 MBTs, 2 x Scorpion CVR(T) and selected buildings, all 10mm TimeCast.
TimeCast 10mm. Here is the start of my BAOR battle group for the soon to be released BattleGroup NorthAG rules from PSC. 5 x bases of infantry, 4 x GPMG weapons teams, 4 x Carl Gustav weapons teams, 4 x 2″ mortar teams, 4 x Milan ATGM weapons teams and 2 x command teams.

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