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PP Washingtons War

🙂 We played another PP Washington’s Army game the other day, the French still keep trouncing the British but the games are getting closer. I ‘tweak’ the army lists for each game, the French began the series with a big advantage in quality, after 3 games the forces are now slightly closer as the status of the British units gets better with a few more veteran battalions being added to the mix. So far the French have won most of the pre-battle defender/attacker rolls and opted to attack, through a combination of better planning and handling of good quality troops, and some abysmal British die rolling the British keep getting out-manouevered and out-thought!

The British left flank, held by the Pennsylvania regiment and the 44th remained safe and secure for the whole game.

The French didn’t fancy the idea of trying to remove the 44th from their hill, the 44th eventually took the intiative and advanced to drive the French regulars and militia away.

The Regiment Bearn had a nasty surprise waiting for them in the woods, they confidently advanced forward expecting to drive the indians away. The indians were rated as veterans, shot the French to pieces then repulsed the French assault.

The late/lost rolls decimated the British right flank and the French obviously put their main strength against that flank, the French regulars, marines and militia advanced very quickly across the table and rolled up the flank with ease.

Some reinforcements for the British finally turned up – The Jersey Boys, too little too late.

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