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World at War ’85

I Kickstarted these rules a month or so ago. They are a revamp of a game system that I bought into some years ago. Timecast make a lovely range of 10mm Cold War figures and vehicles suitable for gaming these rules and they work well with my Kallistra hex terrain.

The Soviet 2/247th Guards Motor Rifle Regiment, take on the 1st squadron of the US 11th Armoured Cavalry Regiment. This is a starter scenario in the free to download rulebook. The actual game is due to arrive in July.

The Soviets have the initiative and advance on to the board. The tanks fire at the M1 Abrams concealed in the woods but miss. BMP’s advance into the woods on the right.

Turn 2, the Soviet Designated Formation card is first up. The Soviet HQ is in the woods to the right and can see the Abrams on the hill and the infantry platoon to their front, stacked with the ToW and M113. The 2 Soviet tanks on the far left are out of command range and the morale/training check is failed.

The HQ calls in smoke on the Abrams position and HE on the infantry, both land on target. The infantry and M113 are each attacked with 3 dice, needing 4’s (as previously discussed J). The infantry take 1 hit and the M113 takes 3. The infantry get 2 defensive bonus dice – concealment and woods, needing 5’s. Rolls a 6 and survives unscathed. The M113 is a light armour target and rolls 3 dice. 1 armour save, 1 concealment and 1 woods, all needing 6’s. All fail, so the M113 is wrecked. 

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